This week we learn more about SIBC Member Henry Rau, founder of I-Net Computer Solutions. I-Net provides businesses with information that is critical in making operating and planning decisions. They do this by getting to know your goals and needs and then designing a comprehensive system that incorporates both software and hardware solutions. The end result will be a system that will enhance your ability to access data quickly and use it meaningfully.

Their team has designed and implemented information management systems for organizations ranging from small businesses to Government agencies spanning a wide array of industries including: Legal, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Real Estate, Financial, Apparel, Industrial, Construction, Marketing, Education, Transportation, and Non Profit Organizations.

For more information on how I-Net Computer Solutions can help your business succeed in the digital age, contact them for a free consultation. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality products and services at the most cost effective prices to all of their valued clients. Call today (718) 351-0099