STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce honored the borough’s best design and construction at its 53rd annual Building Awards on Friday at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bloomfield.

In an encore performance, WCBS-TV’s meteorologist Lonnie Quinn emceed the event.

“There’s just something fun about the people of Staten Island that keeps bringing me back,” said Quinn as he announced the winners of the building awards.

The program included Glen V. Cutrona Associates being honored with the Chairman’s Award for Annadale Terrace, a restaurant with four outdoor terrace dining areas. In addition, Cee-Jay Real Estate Development Corp. and Scaglione Architects were honored with the Chairman’s Award for the design and renovation of a Lighthouse Hill Italian-style villa.

The 2014 Albert P. Melniker Award was presented posthumously to the late Elizabeth Egbert of the Staten Island Museum.

“I’m very pleased that Elizabeth was honored for her great job at the museum,” said Linda Baran, Chamber president. “It was nice to honor all the great projects that won, and see the enthusiasm of those involved at the event.”

Awards were presented in the following categories:

EXTERIOR: This category applies to general design/construction of the exterior of a residential or commercial structure. Exterior entries are submitted by the architect for design and the builder for construction. Homes in a variety of neighborhoods on Staten Island take home Excellence awards in this category, as do several commercial enterprises.

INTERIOR: This category applies to general design and construction of the interior of a residential or commercial structure. Interior entries are submitted by the architect and interior designer for design and the builder for construction.

NATURAL BEAUTY: This category recognizes the practical and aesthetic use of Staten Island’s natural terrain. The award may also be presented for the creation of “natural beauty” through landscaping, etc., that enhances a structure or project in the community.

OUTDOOR SPACE DESIGN: This is a specialized award for outstanding design and/or decorating in an outdoor space. This category recognizes the creation of beauty in an outdoor space through color, lighting, furniture selection and placement and other elements of design that create a unique atmosphere in an exterior space.

INTERIOR DECORATING: This category applies to interior decorating/ design by creating beauty through the proper choice of color, lighting, as well as furniture selection and placement.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: This category applies to a particular part of a project, such as a handmade fireplace, staircase, stained-glass window or other items that become an integral part of the structure. It is not for general craftsmanship, which is judged in general interior or exterior entries.

ART: This is a specialized award given to artists (or property owners) that show mastery of their craft, originality and visual appeal. Applications may be submitted for a sculpture, mural or other specific piece of art created for a new residential or commercial construction or renovation project.

GREEN BUILDING: This category applies to structures that have included the principles of green design. The entry is to include elements utilizing alternative energy sources, materials and design features that contribute to natural sustainability.

Each entry was judged by a panel in early October, and each project represents the best in interior construction, exterior construction, interior decorating, landscaping, green construction, craftsmanship, outdoor space design and art.

Cee-Jay Real Estate was honored with the following awards:

• Clifford D. Siegel; Castleton Corners residence; Achievement in Exterior.
• Clifford D. Siegel; Stapleton residence; Excellence in Exterior & Interior.
• Clifford D. Siegel; Egbertville residence; Excellence in Exterior, Interior, Craftsmanship, Natural Beauty & Interior Decorating.