The Protecting One Young Heart At A Time, 501C3 Foundation, seeks to provide echocardiograms or other heart baseline testing for 8th graders, prior to entering high school sports.  Chairs Fran and Frank Realli felt the devestation in 2007 when they lost their son Frank Realli Jr., when he suffered a heart attack due to a undiagnosed enlarged heart.

The Staten Island Business Council has long been a supporter of this initiative, attending, helping to organizing and donating to the foundations tireless goals of not only providing echocardiograms and other heart baseline, but also life course classes on the benefits of insurance, wills and health insurance for seniors in high school and a scholarship programs for children of deceased independent contractors.

This year, the Staten Island Business Council was one of 10 honorees that received the “Heart of Champion Award”, the highest award given by the foundation. The benefit and dinner had over 325 attendees which included community, political and business leaders throughout the NYC and Staten Island community.